The C++ Programming Language (English)

The C++ Programming Language (English)

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The C++ programming language is based on the C language, with the main difference being that C++ supports object-oriented programming. The object-oriented way of working offers advantages in software projects that are too large to be overseen by a single programmer. The advantages are in terms of code reuse and maintainability.

C++ offers an excellent advancement opportunity for C programmers. The syntax is derived directly from ISO/ANSI C and defined in the ISO/ANSI C++ standard. Apart from the syntax of the language, it also defines a standard library. This contains a large number of basic components, such as a string class, container classes, algorithms and localisation capabilities. The course is based on this standard.

The C++ programming language course covers not only the syntax of the C++ programming language, but also its object-oriented programming style. You will learn to use the object-oriented facilities in the language (data abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism/dynamic binding), the I/O library, templates, exception handling and use of the standard STL library. These topics will be extensively practiced, under the tutor’s guidance.


  • The course provides an insight into the capabilities of C++. The emphasis is on the syntax of the language, but after the course you will also have developed a feel for the object-oriented programming style.

Target audience

Programmers who want to start using C++ as an object-oriented programming language.


De programmeertaal C of vergelijkbare kennis.
Knowledge of C with sufficient practical experience to be fluent in the “more difficult” constructions such as pointers, structures, and so on. You can obtain this knowledge from the course “The C programming language” The material from days 1 and 2 of that course is sufficient, but gaining practical experience with it is absolutely necessary before starting C++.


  • This course is delivered in cooperation with the open source gurus from AT Computing.
  • The spoken language during the training is English, unless all course participants are Dutch-speaking and prefer training in Dutch.


  • The class and related
    • Inline functions instead of macros
    • Function overloading
    • Constructors and destructors
    • Initialisation
    • Friend functions
    • Allocation methods
    • Deep versus shallow copy and namespaces
    • Inheritance
    • When to use inheritance
    • Base and derived classes
    • Private
    • Protected and public member variables
    • Protected interfaces
    • Pointers to base and derived classes
    • Dynamic binding
    • Run Time Type Information (RTTI)
    • Virtual functions
  • Further possibilities of C++
    • Operator overloading
    • References
    • Type conversion
    • Memory management with new and delete
    • Templates
    • Exception handling and namespaces
    • The Standard Template Library (STL)
  • Other parts of the standard library, including the I/O library
  • Important aspects of the new C++11 and C++14 standards.

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Cursus: The C++ Programming Language (English)

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        Cursus: The C++ Programming Language (English)



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          Cursus: The C++ Programming Language (English)

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            The C++ Programming Language (English)

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