Gratis #Samengroeien sessie – Introduction to Databases / Storage Systems

Introduction to Databases / Storage Systems

This course provides an overview of the latest open source databases today. It walks you through the various database types out there with optional hands on exercises. By the end of the course you will have multiplied your data modelling options and skills and will be able to make informed decisions about which storage medium is best for your data project.


Goals of this session:

  • Understanding different types of databases
  • Considerations in selecting a database
  • Relational Databases
  • Columnar Databases
  • Document Stores
  • Key Value Stores
  • Graph Databases
  • Time Series Databases
  • Poly Glot Databases


  • Developers looking forward to expand their knowledge of NoSQL world
  • Product Owners/ Product Managers managing database solutions
  • Lead architects tasked with selection of right technologies

This session is part of our #Samengroeien sessions

Vijfhart organizes monthly FREE #Samengroeien (Growing Together) sessions in which you get acquainted with the Future Skills within IT. We translate trends into interactive sessions of 1 half-day in which an expert will tel more about the trend and we facilitate knowledge sharing with other like-minded IT professionals.

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  • This session takes place on April 10th at our location in Nieuwegein.
  • The session is provided in English.
  • Start 08:30 am (coffee-tea) – 12:00 am.


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