Certified Datacenter Migration Specialist – CDMS® (exam incl.) – English Course

Certified Datacenter Migration Specialist – CDMS® (exam incl.) – English Course(Partnercursus)

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Advise for non-Dutch speaking audience who master English: This training is also available in an online realtime (live!) interactive format, known as VILT, Virtual Instructor Led Training powered by the Cisco Webex Training Center platform.

These VILT trainings are presented in the English language. The exam for the training is also online, known as EXIN Anywhere Exam. As such you don’t have to travel in order to follow these VILT based courses in the English language but can follow them instead right from your work or home, requiring a basic PC/laptop and high speed internet connection.

General information about this course
Datacenter Migration is a challenge where an increasing number of Organizations are facing relocation of their Datacenter due to space, power and/or cooling limitations of their current facilities.
A datacenter move could also be voluntary due to other considerations such as consolidation of multiple datacenter sites, targeting lower cost of operation (Opex) by improving efficiency and other initiatives.

Datacenter Migrations are exceptionally high-risk undertakings, which most datacenter professionals have never undertaken before, or have done only a few times in their life. The level of effort put into the planning and discovery phase is directly proportionate to the amount of risk mitigated. It is an exercise that requires collaboration with various areas of the business with which one might not normally interface with.

The Datacenter Migration Specialist course is a two-day course designed to expose participants to all aspects of a datacenter migration and provides a step-by-step methodology which will enable them to reduce the risks involved in such a complex undertaking. It will also give participants a lot of valuable practical hints and tips provided by trainers who have done multiple complex migrations before.

Our Datacenter Certifications are worldwide accredited by EXIN. The training is conducted in collaboration with EPI Training. You can take the CDMS exam on a day by choosing yourself in our Vijfhart Examination Center in Nieuwegein. In preparation for the exam you should consider 8-12 hours preparation time. The exam costs are included in the course fee.


  • Develop and review their datacenter strategy
  • Use different risk assessment methodologies together with practical tips specifically for datacenter migrations to reduce the risk during a datacenter migration
  • Understand different migration strategies
  • Understand the legal aspects when migrating a datacenter
  • Understand the importance of Business Service Reviews and Service Level Objectives
  • Size and design the target Data Centre
  • Understand the importance of detailed discovery and how dependencies influence migration waves
  • Understand the safety requirements during migration
  • Get lots of practical tips when moving to another datacenter

Target audience

The primary audience is any IT, facilities or data centre operations professional working in and around the data centre (both end-customers and/or service provider/facilitators) and having to handle data centre migration projects and/or data centre strategies. These include Project Managers, Data Centre Managers, Operations/Floor/Facility Managers, IT Managers, Network/System Engineers, Data Centre Sales/Consultants, Logistic Managers.


Onderstaande voorkennis is vereist:

While there are no specic requirements for this course, it is recommended that participants have actual experience in Datacenter and/or IT infrastructures.

Onderstaande voorkennis wordt beschouwd als een pre:

Certified Datacenter Professional – CDCP® (exam incl.) – English Course of vergelijkbare kennis.


  • The corresponding exam is taken at the end of the last course day. Do you prefer to do the exam on another day? This can be done. You can take an exam every day at the Vijfhart Examination Center. Please indicate which day you prefer when booking.
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  • Data Centre Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Migration Strategies
  • Legal Aspects
  • High Level Discovery & Planning
  • Design Target Data Centre
  • Detailed Discovery and Planning
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Implementation
  • End of Project
  • Exam

Schedule & Price

All prices are exclusive of VAT.
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Cursus: Certified Datacenter Migration Specialist - CDMS® (exam incl.) - English Course

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Cursus: Certified Datacenter Migration Specialist - CDMS® (exam incl.) - English Course



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Cursus: Certified Datacenter Migration Specialist - CDMS® (exam incl.) - English Course

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Certified Datacenter Migration Specialist - CDMS® (exam incl.) - English Course

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