Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) (2 day)

Logo Enterprise Skills InitiativeDuration: 2 days

Teaching method: classroom live and virtual classroom

This course is the successor of the M10979 (An introduction to Microsoft Azure for IT Professionals). This training aligns with exam AZ-900, just like the one day AZ-900 course. This two day AZ-900 course has a strong hands-on component. As such this two day AZ-900 training is aimed at IT Professionals and Developers who are (going to) work with Azure on a daily basis. When you’re an account manager, HR worker, (project) manager and the like, you’re advised to follow the one day AZ-900 course instead.


  • This two-day course will provide foundational level knowledge on cloud concepts; core Azure services; security, privacy, compliance, and trust; and Azure pricing and support.
  • Note: If you do not need hands-on experience, consider the AZ-900T01: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (1 day) course. The content for both courses align to the AZ-900 exam objective domain.


The audience for this course is just beginning to learn about cloud computing and how Microsoft Azure provides that service. The course is suitable for technical and non-technical audiences, who are involved with the cloud and need an overview of Azure products and services. Because of the strong hands-on component, this course is more appropriate for technical students who need to create services in the Azure portal, and may go on to role-based courses and certifications, such as Azure Administrator.

There are no prerequisites for this course, however students with some IT knowledge or experience will find the concepts easier to understand.


  • Module 1: Cloud Concepts
    • Why Cloud Services
    • Types of Cloud models
    • Types of Cloud services
  • Module 2: Core Azure Services
    • Core Azure Architectural components
    • Core Azure Services and Products
    • Azure Solutions
    • Azure management tools
  • Module 3: Security, Privacy, Compliance, and Trust
    • Secure network connectivity
    • Core Azure identity services
    • Security tools and features
    • Azure governance methodologies
    • Monitoring and reporting
    • Privacy, compliance, and data protection standard
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  • Module 4: Azure Pricing and Support
    • Azure subscriptions
    • Planning and managing costs
    • Azure support options
    • Azure Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
    • Service lifecycle in Azure
  • Available Hands-on Labs (depending on the time available, most of them will be done):
    • Create a virtual machine 45 mins
    • Deploy an Azure Container Instance
    • Create a virtual network 45 mins
    • Create blob storage
    • Create a SQL database 25 mins
    • Implement Azure IoT Hub
    • Implement Azure functions 30 mins
    • Create a Web App
    • Create a virtual machine with an ARM Template 30 mins
    • Create a virtual machine with PowerShell
    • Create a virtual machine with the Azure CLI 35 mins
    • Secure network traffic
    • Implement Azure Key Vault 15 mins
    • Create an Azure Policy
    • Manage resources with RBAC 15 mins
    • Manage resource locks
    • Implement resource tagging 30 mins
    • Use Azure Trust Center
    • Use the Azure Pricing Calculator 30 mins
    • Use the Azure Total Cost of Ownership Calculator
    • Open a Support Request 15 mins
    • Calculate composite SLA






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