Oracle Database: Administration Workshop (English)

Oracle Database: Administration Workshop (English)special

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This five-day workshop gives you insight into the architecture and concepts of the Oracle database. We cover the specific tasks of a database administrator in a (multi-user) production environment. These tasks includecreating a database and managing users and tablespaces. During the , workshop we will use SQL Developer to perform the various tasks, as well as command line tools such as SQLCLI.

This workshop is for anyone using version 11g and higher. In the course, we will use version 19c. Version dependent features will be specifically indicated.

The workshop is platform-independent: where necessary, platform-specific instructions are given for Windows and UNIX variants. Every participant will have his/her own database in a Linux environment.

We bieden deze cursus ook in het Nederlands aan, bekijk het hier: Oracle Database: Administration Workshop.


  • The objective of this Oracle DBA workshop is to gain insight into the basics of Oracle Database 19c operation and features, and to be able to perform the basic tasks of a database administrator.
  • With this workshop you have taken a first step in preparation for the Oracle Database Administration II 1Z0-082 exam. This workshop will cover all the topics in the exam.

Target audience

This workshop is for Data Warehouse Administrators, Database Administrators, Technical Administrators and Database Designers. The course is for everyone who uses Oracle version 11g and higher. In the course we use version 19c, version-dependent features are specifically indicated.


Oracle Database: SQL Fundamentals part 1 (English) of vergelijkbare kennis.
Knowledge at the level of the SQL Fundamentals Part 1 and 2 courses is required for this course.


  • Oracle Database Introduction
  • Oracle Database Architecture
  • Installation and Creation of the Database
  • Manage Database Instances
  • Manage Database Storage Structures
  • Backup and recovery concepts
  • Implement backup and recovery procedures
  • Moving data
  • Users, security and auditing
  • Monitoring and tuning database performance

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Cursus: Oracle Database: Administration Workshop (English)

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        Cursus: Oracle Database: Administration Workshop (English)



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          Cursus: Oracle Database: Administration Workshop (English)

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            Oracle Database: Administration Workshop (English)

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