Linux/UNIX Fundamentals (English)

Linux/UNIX Fundamentals (English)

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This course introduces you to the Linux/UNIX “philosophy” of working. It teaches the basic concepts and the elementary functionality of Linux/UNIX systems.

After the course the students will understand the facilities of the file system, the most important file management commands and the vi editor. The students will be able to use a large selection of standard utility commands.

The strong and the weak points of Linux and UNIX systems will be covered. Details of the internal working will be explained where they are useful for the basic understanding.

Course attendees receive the following documentation:

  • A student pack with copies of the presentations, lab exercises, answers to the exercises, and background information.
  • A reference card with frequently used options of most Linux/UNIX commands.
  • Shortly after the course the student will receive a certificate as a proof of participation.

We bieden deze cursus ook in het Nederlands aan, bekijk het hier: Linux / UNIX fundamentals.


  • As with all modern systems, working with Linux/UNIX involves the use of a graphical user interface. But the real power of the system can only be unleashed with the command language as available in the “command box”. The major part of this course concentrates on this command language.

Target audience

Professional computer users interested in the basic concepts, user commands and utility programs of a Linux/UNIX system.


This is an entry level course for the use of Linux and UNIX, but it is by no means a technically superficial course. Some experience with the use of computers in general is required. If in doubt, please call our course administration and talk to one of our teaching staff.


  • This course is delivered in cooperation with the open source gurus from AT Computing.
  • Not covered in this course : Shell script programming, sed en awk; Please refer to our Linux/UNIX part 2 course for these topics.
System administration and installation.


  • Introduction: Role of the kernel. The origins of Linux/UNIX, and the stronger and weaker points of the system. Linux/UNIX versions en flavours. Graphical environment. General use of the command line. Login and logout. Keyboard conventions and online documentation.
  • Communication between users: Elektronic mail and direct transfer of messages (talk, write).
  • Search patterns: regular expressions.
  • The vi/vim editor.
  • Basic file management: Directories. File names, wildcards and file properties. Dot files. File contents. Copy, move, rename, create and delete files.
  • File protections: Protect individual files and groups of files. Modify file/directory protections with the chmod command. Umask. Numerical notation.
  • File system management: The term inode, mount file systems, hard en symbolic links to files. Access to devices via “device special files”. Verify disk utilization with the du command. Search files/directories with the find command.
  • I/O redirection and pipe lines: Input and output of commands, redirection to/from files and pipes. Combine filter commands with pipes.
  • Filter commands: Properties of important filter commands, like grep, sort, uniq, head, tail, tee, wc, nl, cmp, diff and tr.
  • Process management: Possibilities of the shell and shell scripts. Shell variables. Profiles. Background and foreground processes, job control. Process-related commands, like ps and top. Properties of signals and the command kill. Priority of processes.
  • Linux/UNIX and networks: Introduction of network-wide communication facilities like remote login, file transfer en remote execute. Platform-independent commands, like telnet. The secure commands of the SSH family: ssh, slogin, scp and sftp. Directory-synchronisation with the rsync command.

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Cursus: Linux/UNIX Fundamentals (English)

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        Cursus: Linux/UNIX Fundamentals (English)



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          Cursus: Linux/UNIX Fundamentals (English)

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            Linux/UNIX Fundamentals (English)

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