Introduction to Python – Possibilities and Understanding Code (English)

Introduction to Python – Possibilities and Understanding Code (English)

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PLEASE NOTE: this training is developped als an introduction to Python. The focus is on understanding the code, coding excersices are limited to changing and extending of existing scripts.
If you want to learn to code in Python, we advise you to follow our 5-day training : Learn to program in Python

About this training
Car’s, production lines, home automation, telephony, now a days there is little were computer programs are not essential. The basis of all this software is code – code in a certain programming lanquage. But how does this code work? In this training you wil learn what code is and what the base principles are. We will use the Python programming lanquage, mainly because of its power and versatility combined with it’s simplicity.

Why Python?
Knowledge of the Python programming language is a pre in many roles (devops, data scientist, network engineer, etc.). Being able to program in Python is a much requested specialisation in more an more job openings and this will only become more in 2019. One of the reasons is that the language is relatively easy to learn and the programming lanquage is particularly useful for those who want to get into Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cyber Security projects and machine learning. All of these topics are topics that many companies are looking into becoming more specialised in.

What are you going to learn in this 3-day course?
In the course essential aspects of programming in general and of the programming lanquage Python in particular are covered. You will encounter many Python scripts in area’s as diverse as home automation, configuration management, testing. With the knowledge gained you will be able to understand and (if necesarry) make small changes in those scripts.

If you already have some experience in programming in other lanqages, then our advise is to book our 3 day course THE PYTHON PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE.

We bieden deze cursus ook in het Nederlands aan, bekijk het hier: Introduction to Python – Possibilities and Understanding Code.


  • This training is focussed on understanding Python code. To learn to program in Python, please book our 5-day course Learn to program in Python.

Target audience

This course is meant for anyone that wants to understand Python, but has no prior programming experience.


No programming experience is necesarry for this course.


This course is delivered i.c.w. the open source gurus of AT Computing. The knowledge institute in open source technologies. AT Computing is part of the Vijfhart Group.


  • Introduction to algorithms:
    • algorithms for everyday human versus programming algorithms. The life cycle of computer programs.
  • Introduction to Python:
    • Positioning, properties, applications, practical use, version2 vs. version 3, Python shell, scripting.
  • Basic data types:
    • Constants and variables. Data types. Choosing names. Comment notation. Strings and numbers. Expressions and operators. Elementary string operations. Cutting slices. Overview of the data types and their properties. References. Mutable vs. immutable.
  • Program structures:
    • Indentation as block structure, code style (PEP8). Booleans. Extensive coverage of control structures if-elif-else, for-else and while-else. break and continue statements. enumerate and range functions. Best practices. Introduction to exception handling (EAFP). Dummy statement pass.
  • More about sequences and strings:
    • Operations on sequences. Specific string methods. Two ways of string formatting.
  • More about lists:
    • Specific list methods. Operators for lists. List comprehension. The sorted and reversed functions.
  • Bits and bytes:
    • Decimal, binary, octal and hexadecimal representation. String formatting for these representations. Bit manipulations (and, or, xor, shift). Introduction to encoding. Little versus big endian (endianess).
  • Files:
    • Binary versus text files. Open modes. Reading from and writing to files. Changing the current offset. Using stdin, stdout and stderr.
  • Encoding:
    • Unicode sandwich. Encode versus decode. Different encoding standards. Default encoding. The ‘bytes’ and ‘bytearray’ data types.
  • More about dictionaries, tuples and sets:
    • Applying dictionaries. Methods for dictionaries. Applying tuples and tuple notation. Using sets and frozensets.
  • Functions:
    • Purpose and definition. Calling a function. Docstrings. Parameter passing and default values. Call-by-value versus call-by-reference. Return values.
  • Modules:
    • Applying modules. Importing modules. Provenance of modules. Test code in module. Docstrings.
    • More about functions:
    • Nested function definitions. Name spaces. Scope rules and examples. Function as parameter. Standard functions map and filter. Lambda expressions. Generator functions.
  • Global overview of the Python Standard Library:
    • Accessing command line parameters. Program exit. Time functions. Filename-globbing. File system tree walk. Using subprocesses. Elementary network facilities. Serialisation.

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Cursus: Introduction to Python - Possibilities and Understanding Code (English)

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        Cursus: Introduction to Python - Possibilities and Understanding Code (English)



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          Cursus: Introduction to Python - Possibilities and Understanding Code (English)

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            Introduction to Python - Possibilities and Understanding Code (English)

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