Enterprise Skills Initiative (ESI) FAQ

Logo Enterprise Skills InitiativeWhat is the Enterprise Skills Initiative (ESI)? 

Only 16% of organizations have the skills and processes required to create a successful cloud environment. The Enterprise Skills Initiative (ESI) is a program designed to build the technical skills for businesses with customized Skilling Plans that include free and discounted training and certification offerings. As Microsoft workwith customers to digitally transform their businesses, a top request Microsoft hears is that these organizations want a clear path to improve the technical skills of their teams to make the most of their technology investments. By facilitating their Azure skilling, ESI is helping customers reach their business goals – both for their success and Microsoft’s. Azure skills drive consumption and accelerate adoption of new workloads. 

Can I participate in an ESI Azure course/workshop? 

You can participate only when your organization is enrolled in the ESI program. Feel free to contact us when in doubt. When your organization isn’t enrolled in the ESI program, you’re invited to participate in our regular open courses, available to anyone. 

For whom are these Azure courses/workshops meant for? 

These Azure courses/workshops are designed for IT professionals (Intermediate & Advanced, Azure Migration Workshops), IT managers and IT decision makers (Microsoft Azure Fundamentals). Please reach out to us when good advice on what courses to participate, is required. 

Can I attend more than one course under the ESI program? 

Basically, you can attend more than one course. Speak to your training manager for more information about the details. Per organization the amount of ESI Azure courses/workshops may differ. 

When do I receive my book(s)? 

Nowadays Microsoft delivers the related book(s) electronically, through Skillpipe. You’ll receive a few days prior to the course an e-mail (check your spam folder!) the related code with the instructions how to redeem it with Skillpipe. Make sure to redeem the code within 30 days after having received the e-mail. Otherwise the code won’t work anymore. After the code is redeemed, the digital book will be accessible for ever. 

Is the training sufficient to pass the exam? 

Additional studying and practicing is strongly advised. For the non-Fundamentals exams it’s very important to have real life experience as well since many exams contain pracitical tests in an Azure environment. You can also contact us for practice exams, so you can experience what to expect when doing the real exam.  

When do I receive my Microsoft exam voucher? 

After having completed the training, Microsoft will send you an exam voucher by e-mail. Sometimes these e-mails are looked upon as spam, so check your spam folder as well please. 

How do I redeem my Microsoft exam voucher? 

The Microsoft exam voucher contains a code. Go to this website, locate the related Azure exam, select your country and click on Schedule Exam and follow the instructions. During this process, you can issue the voucher number for payment. 

COVID-19: Can I do my Microsoft exam at a test center? 

No, due to COVID-19 this isn’t possible. However you can do any Azure exam online-proctoredSee here for more information and test your system whether it’s suited for doing an online exam. 

What are the delivery methods? 

For bigger groups of ESI enrolled customers we organize virtual classes for ESI students only. Microsoft is a strong advocate for virtual delivery and drives that for ESI as well.  

For smaller groups however, it’s possible to enroll in our public schedule. Most of the Azure courses/workshops we deliver in person in a class room, instructor led and/or virtual also instructor led. However, each of them has only one delivery method, whether in person in a class room ovirtually. 

Some of the Azure courses we deliver through a hybrid delivery, meaning that as a student you can participate in person in a class room, or virtually for the same course/workshop 

Feel free to contact us to find out what delivery methods for your ESI Azure course/workshop are available at what dates. 

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