A trainee program to become a Java Developer. GET HIRED NOW & START IN SEPTEMBER 2019!

In only 9 weeks we will train and equip you to start working as a Java Developer at Keylane. Therefore we believe this Java Tech Camp is not only the fastest way to become a committed expert in Java Development but also the most complete, fun & challenging trainee program the industry has to offer.


We have designed a solid program with deep dive trainings powered by Vijfhart IT-Opleidingen, but we will also personally guide you during this development program so you can become one of the very best Java Developers around. For the right balance between Learning & Development we planned fun playground activities and we’ll close each week with a Friday Funday.

During 9 weeks you will be inspired and guided by various Keylane (IT) experts & trainers. In the meantime, you’ll prepare yourself to get certified for; Oracle Certified Associate (OCA), Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) and Dasa DevOps fundamentals. This program is high demanding and will undoubtedly put both your technical and mental skills to the test, but it will also give you an inspiring experience that prepares you for the rest of your development career. After you have successfully completed our Java Tech camp you’ll start in one of our Product Development teams. In this phase you will further develop your personal journey as a Java Developer, to become a committed expert at Keylane.


So, are you eager, talented and tech savvy enough to kickstart your career at Keylane? Here is your chance! Follow our Java Tech Camp; 9 weeks of intensive trainings at our headquarters in Utrecht, the Netherlands, to become a committed expert and start your career as a Keylane Java Developer.

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