Keylane TECHTalk – Keeping up with Java

Op 5 september organiseert Keylane namens Vijfhart IT-Opleidingen TECHTalk – Keeping up with Java. Ben jij Java Developer? Dan wil je dit event niet missen!

Keeping up with Java

The age of waiting three to four years for new Java releases has ended. Since the launch of Java 9, every six months a new version sees the daylight. This is why it’s more important than ever to stay up to date! Chances are high you are mostly developing with Java 8. With Oracle’s roadmap in mind, this won’t be for long. Java 11 is already up and running. So, what do we do now?


During this TECHTalk we take a look at all the newly introduced features since the launch of Java 8. We first discuss Java 9’s new modular system, continue with the local-variable type inference feature (Java 10) and conclude the ‘big feature’ topic with Java 11’s HttpClient API. Besides the big features, we also cover smaller changes within the Java platform since Java 8. After this Talk, you will feel more comfortable to leave Java 8 behind!

Program overview

17:30 – Walk in – Welcome at Keylane: Let’s engage & connect

17:45 – Food & Drinks – Fresh Italian Pizza – Drinks & Cold Beers

18:15 – Keynote 1 – Sander Mak – Java Champion & Fellow at Luminis – Keeping up with Java

19:30 – Short Break

20:00 – Keynote 2 – Roy Smeets – VP Product Development, Hosting & ICT at Keylane – Product Development

21:00 – Networking – After bites & drinks – Let’s connect & engage

About our keynote speakers

“Software Architecture is the act of purposely balancing opposing forces. Experience and knowledge are key to ensuring our clients get the software they deserve. As a luminis fellow, i have a strong focus on sharing knowledge both within luminis and externally.”

Sander Mak is an experienced Software Designer and Developer with excellent analytical skills. Additionally, he has experience in being a Technical Lead and Architect during the complete software lifecycle from inception to production. Pushing the frontier on both the backend (event-sourcing, data science) and frontend (for example using TypeScript) every day!

His interests are broad but revolve mainly around the JVM ecosystem. Emerging languages like Scala and TypeScript have his full attention. By following the leading edge of software development he keeps learning and growing. Meanwhile, he contributes back by sharing knowledge at conferences like JavaOne, QCon, Jfokus, GeeCON and more.

His blog can be found at

Techtalk“You cannot be everything you want to be. But you can be a lot more of who you already are”

Roy is Vice President Product Development, Hosting & ICT at Keylane. He has an impressive track record in both product development as well as in hosting in SaaS oriented standard software companies and an entrepreneurial perspective on building solid strong, cross border teams. He is a thought leader in modern software engineering.

Roy has been in various CTO and R&D management positions at i.e. Ingenico, Redknee and Nokia Siemens. Building and supporting high performance teams across multiple (global) locations and cultures. Transforming teams and organisations to achieve optimal agility while ensuring common goals will be met. Setting the direction while empowering the teams through servant leadership and making sure the individual employees use their strengths in an optimal way.

Meer informatie vind je hier.

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